The Clash Final 12 Contestants

Saturday, November 09, 2019

And then they were twelve. Yes, I’m talking about the last few contestants of The Clash singing their way to stardom through an original conceptualized show on GMA. We visited their set a couple of days ago to witness what is to be another elimination night.

But on a lighter side, we asked them a few questions literally before they went on stage (although we got to talk to 6) and asked them how they felt about going to Manila and having this competition. They are friends already, but I felt they understood the consequences of being in the top 12. They will further battle, some of them will win, and some will lose. But they are hopeful in the last few stages of the competition that they can stay as friends. They will give it all tomorrow. Watch them, wish them well and enjoy the songs. It’s time to see who reigns supreme in The Clash!

They already are the top 12 finalists so this means they will be part of the GMA's show Studio 7.

The winner of The Clash rwill receive an exclusive management contract from GMA Network. They will also win a brand new car, 1 million pesos and a house and lot from Bria Homes. The rest of the top 5 and special awardee will get 100,000 pesos each, not bad right?


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