Ruru Madrid and Jasmine Curtis for Cara x Jagger

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I have been hearing about Cara x Jagger since early last month and I'm a little excited for my boy Ruru Madrid. I think it's high time the spotlight shines on him and this new play on partnerships with Jasmine Curtis. This is under APT Entertainment and Cignal Entertainment, and is a mainstream movie. One asks, who is Cara and Jagger?

They are lovers, but set in a different situation. It is character centric, not fortelling how love should be, but making it as hurtful as this, may spell that it's numb or being a martyr, but really, how would you stay in a relationship that is bound to fail?

Jasmine says "This is for the ones who choose to love, to those who don't know what to do on moments you're already hurting someone. Who knows, you may end up as close friends, or spark a second chance. Ruru says he got intimidated with me but we both overcame it and there is a level of comfort how he moves now. We have familiarity." 

Ruru says "Sometimes relationships fail, but it doesn't mean you don't have to go through the experience to get over it. You need to love, we understand who Cara and Jagger is, for me, the script is good and Jasmine and I helped each other executing lines, even connecting our personal experiences, our past, the gravity of it. You choose the similar pain even if you haven't gone through it yet. I didn't know in the beginning how I would approach her and did research, we both did. It helped when we did the workshop because she gave me her trust, that I think made it easy."

Here's part of the blogcon on video:

Cara x Jagger is gonna be shown in Cinemas this November 6, so if you're in love or not, go watch it on theaters.


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