Dream Gifts for Dad at Baseus

Monday, November 25, 2019

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're like me, you probably don't know yet what you would be giving Dad for this holiday season. Now don't you worry, because our friends from Baseus has the perfect one you could give your Fathers who always carry around his gadgets in his car, you're going to make his life easier. You should only do this if you want to be the favorite son/daughter LOL!

This is the Baseus Christmas Car Accessories Gift Set. This actually costs almost 2 thousand pesos originally, but since Baseus is in a giving mood, they're going to be generous this Christmas and slashing a ton off its price.

They've got a fancy Fragrance Holder, a Car Mount for your mobile phone, a Charger for your lighter port and a 3 in 1 cable for all your phones. 

It comes in this fancy Christmas themed box which houses everything. 

You pull it out and it's got the Fragrance Holder and USB plug which fits in the lighter port of your car.

This green snowflake box comes in  the center, it is glued in on the slot above so you have to take it out to get to the Car Mount. 

I love how it's got three heads, like a hydra. You can charge your iPhone with the lightning cable, your Android phone with the mini USB, and other ones which has got the USB C. I actually have three phones for coverages, now that just means I don't have to carry around 3 separate cables anymore. 

I also love the braided 1 meter cable because it would be so difficult to destroy, including the shielded ends of it. This actually is something that most iPhone users can relate to because we often change em every few months/weeks.

This is the USB plug which you can stick into the lighter port on your car. It's got two usb ports so if you're a Grab driver, you can lend the extra one for your passengers. Which reminds me, this would be perfect for you too!

This is the Fragrance Holder, with its sleek modern looks, it could fit any model of a car and even your home. I would be sticking it into a dashboard, so finding out it's got adhesive already is so convenient. It's kinda permanent and if ever we need to put it somewhere else, we can buy the double tapes from stores. It's also very easy to install.

Roll the bottom to the left and open it up. It's got a knob on the center. Twist it and place the scent ring on it. Twist it back then put the cover back. Push the top part so the scent permeates on the car. I love how lemony it is! Haha!

I'm gonna have to buy refills of it, I haven't checked if it is available in Baseus, it would be nice no?

This already would cost a lot in reality but since it is bundled and prices have dropped at Baseus, you can get it all for Php 1,290. Oh and the phone holder/car mount is better than the usual ones.

It sits below the box of the cable which I had to remove.

What I like about this is the clamp at the bottom so you get less occurrence of drops in case you're a little clumsy. It's sturdy and has a ball head, you can point it to your preferred direction, also the base has adhesive on it. Make sure you decide well since it is permanent. You might have to buy additional adhesive if you placed it in the wrong place.

Baseus has so much in their store and this is just one of them. I bought wireless chargers from them and still use it til now. They also have warranty depending on the device you purchase, it is quite reassuring. This would be a good thing to give Dad, your boyfriend, your friend this Christmas. It could work for women too, technology is for everyone anyway!

Baseus stores are at the 3F of Trinoma Mall, Cyberzone of SM Southmall and SM Fairview. Go rush to their stores while sale items like these are still there!


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