Be Scared with The Heiress

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Just watched The Heiress this evening at SM Megamall. This is their premiere night so we did expect the stars to arrive. This stars Janella Salvador, McCoy De Leon and the diamond star Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Ms. Maricel says "It was a joy to do this because we were laughing non stop while shooting scary scenes. Our knees hurt, Direk and I made sure you will still get scared with this movie."

True enough, it went discussing Fillipino folklore. They are the different kind of witches who specialize in making bugs, creatures to come out of your body. This will take your hallucinations into the next level, and show you how creepy it is to battle (or live with) a real deal mambabarang. Now don't go upsetting them in their own home, you might get the bitter end of the tale and get the curse if they do it to you, or maybe someone else will.

Maricel Soriano in this film is intense, she always is anyway so we expect nothing less from the diamond star (oooh and yes watch out for the very iconic lines!). You'll also be fond of Janella and McCoy's love story because they do have good chemistry (as Guia and Renz). I guess those loveteam things are gone, and it's cool to see them being paired with other actors. Though I hope not because I like Elisse and him together (sorry off topic). The movie creeps on you, just like the critters in the movie. I'd be scared for you if you didn't watch it!

Anyway, here's some scenes from the red carpet!

This will show on theaters on November 27, go see it for the fright! This is under Regal Films!


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