HORSE Not Good at 15th PH Feng Shui Convention

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Year after year, Ms. Marites Allen and Frigga Charmed Life has hosted successful Philippine Feng Shui Conventions and yes, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The west has already deemed this very Asian geomancy and included its very sense into design. After all, there is no harm in following your stars and it keeps you from harm. It's older than other sciences and has been followed by millions of people. I mean, why not right?

During this year's convention, the Horse isn't that much lucky in wealth, health and love. Albeit naturally lucky in other years, this 2020 is a lot different because your overall well being will be compromised. She said you must at all cost prioritize your health above all else. Although she deemed it unlucky for us born in 1990 LOL, she suggests to overcome this using several health and longevity amulets, anti illness charms and counter measures to make your months/year favorable. 

The Jade Wulou is something she suggests for March so it would appease illness. 

For a smooth and victorious month, she suggests you wear these earrings for April. It has mystic knots and a victory emblem so your business and life will flourish. 

For May, she suggests you to get this 9 charm necklace. This would be good for your career, wealth, luck, power and authority, longevity and success.

The 9 charm blue bangle (which I wanted but wasn't in my size) would be good to wear in February. Although an unfavorable time for horses, this exterminates evil, adversities, obstacles and protects you from dangers of travel.

For June, she suggests you get this Tree of Life Bangle/bracelet which will give you financial support, boost business and increase your income.

To repress evil intentions of other people, you must have this Red Chung Kwei so you wouldn't be victims of robberies and injuries. I need this in my life LOL.

For September, you need this Ultimate Amulet Medallion to protect yourself from everything negative. It has auspicious symbols in it to attract luck, success and happiness. 

For those who need help in romance, get these Mandarin Ducks which will help you in fidelity, loyalty in marriage and monogamy. There are others which were not available there but will be in Frigga boutiques in malls nationwide! 
Although the year seems not to favorable for me, I am glad I knew it beforehand and got to learn things that would ward off bad luck before it happens. Thank you Ms. Marites Allen for always being so nice and accommodating each time you hold the Feng Shui Convention. I'll try to be well equipped so when I go out in the real world I have all these Feng Shui advices and use them to my advantage. I can act on it because I learned things from you, that is priceless.


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