Sunshine Cruz and Daughters Endorse EM-CORE DOTNET Products

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Vampires don't really exist, nor immortals, but then again there are just people who defy age like Sunshine Cruz. Together with her daughters Angelina, Samantha and Chesca, they are now the new brand ambassadors for Em Core Dot Net, a direct selling and multi level marketing company involved in health products and supplements. They have been doing business in the country since 2015.

Their products include 24 Alkaline C (Vitamin C), 24 Green Restore (Green Barley/Wheatgrass), 24 Green Cafe, 24 Green Choco, 24 Thirty Sanitizer, Savouné (for the skin) and 24 Alka White (for the liver).

CEO Sheryll Edman says "When they said Sunshine, I already thought about the word ageless. She is fit, very beautiful, I was already following her since last year. I know her story, and how she triumphed over that. Her kids, all are well bred, educated, and represent a good family. She is a good example of a complete family, no second thoughts and takes care of herself and her children. They are complete, our products are real and work. This is why we got them as ambassadors."

Sam says "I'm 15 and am excited about this project. She told us over group chat about it and we immediately said yes because we get to bond as a family. We look forward to more things like these."

Angelina says "An endorsement as a family is just amazing. I am a bit overwhelmed."

Cheska "I am looking forward to share how we use these products."

Rey Panaligan says "Thank you for supporting us, we are excited and thrilled that the family is now part of the EM CORE DOTNET Group."

Congratulations to Sunshine and your lovely daughters. You all look gorgeous! Looking forward to see more opportunities for you and the brand you represent.


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