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Monday, January 10, 2011

This has been a real busy day. I just got back from the office and I forgot to do a lot of things. Although we are in the same area, we are located in different buildings so the time to really think about what I had to do (urgent stuff) was a little tight. I forgot to give the papers for the company checks I got last week. The accounting department would really bug me tomorrow about not submitting the receipts on time since we already spent that budget for our quarterly team building activity. It's not much but it does go a long way if we add up what we also can contribute. It goes to small parties, souvenirs and some other things we can buy for our office. I am a little worried they would deduct some amount on my paycheck next week because I didn't send everything for signature and processing. Are these signs of aging?! LOL!

Campaigns like these need some reminders through electronic mail. I have to see if it would be feasible to get the department involved to initiate contact if the time to do these things is up! Maybe if we organize and get tools for a systematic approach in office processes; this world (and office!) would be a happier place! We already have one for procurement so maybe this wouldn't be too far behind. I can easily ask for office supplies anytime so I never run out of Tape, Paper Clips and Fasteners whenever I need them. It's time to get fully automated and this is inevitable! I need smart business solutions!


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