Having a Home

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I just had a nice time last Saturday with friends from elementary school. It has been 20 years since we last met each other but it was an evening of reconnection. I love catching up with each others lives; and so glad to see where we all ended up. A friend of mine told me about how lucky some of us were because we had a place to live. They have been living on rented homes for a long time and it was troublesome going from one place to another. It would have been an easier life for him if they were able to maintain a house. Stories like that and more were a common sight to see. Nothing would have prepared us for life later on but if we had institutions like HMS Home Warranty to take care of us when we are in dire need then life would have been better.

That statement just made sense to me. I have a home and if we all had one when we started studying and still have it now we might have more reasons to concentrate on work rather than worrying about it everyday. The pay check would not be going to mere rent and food. Education would be a priority and the security of having a home would be prevalent. It would be nice to have a little help to have a home of our own. It wouldn't be a temporary one and we'll be happy to have our dreams come true.


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Axl Powerhouse Network said...

whahah nakakamiss yung mga ganyang bonding no.. reunion and geting to know kung anu na nagyari after a lot of years :D