Daily Moo's 01142011

Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm going to have an event this evening courtesy of my Dad and it looks like this is going to be big. I like how everything falls into place. I was worried I didn't have anything to do this weekend but God has been good. I hope this continues.

Garcia has been out of jail, richer by 150 million and backed up supposedly by Angelo Reyes. Now that it's out, will there be consequences for the general? I wonder if they will all end up in jail just like those who made the same offense but poor. Money still is the root of all evil but thinking about it, it looks like you can get away with anything as long as you have it in this part of the world. How sad... I thought things would change once President Noynoy comes into power. Apparently nothing has changed.

My photographer friends just invited me for a night shoot later. I'm excited for that. Even though I haven't been shooting still ones for a long time I'm sure I can handle it. Maybe we'll plan something big next month. It will definitely work I'm sure but we got to do this together.

I ate with officemates at Pasig, a humongous burger with Angus Beef. It was so awesome I'm gonna go back to Charlies!

Off I go to the event! Wish me luck and lots of moolah will come my way! =)



Sendo said...

MOOLAH kumagcow! hehe.me nagbago sa present regime ni PNoy-----ang Philippine bills! hahaha ^^ Matagal-tagal pa bago matapos term niya...sana eh marami siyang magagawa hehe ^^

John Bueno said...

@Sendo =) my sentiments too exactly! =)