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Sunday, January 16, 2011

As a Computer Engineer and IT Professional for the last 8 years, I've been dealing with technologies that are not on the comprehension of most of my friends and family. I'm not surprised though because even if I have been doing this for a long time nobody would ever thought that I'd be able to manage 4 web sites and 7 forums in the same period. I have been very busy obviously but I am somewhat not worried. I know the benefits of dedicated server hosting and advantages of having one. In this day and age it is pretty much a necessity because the last thing you would want to have in running businesses that have resources on line is downtime. Some hosting companies outsmart users by making it look they can handle the traffic but you later find out that they only do shared servers. The idea of having dedicated servers is like heaven for web administrators like us because we can largely manage what we do while the provider maintains and hosts it. You kind of get an idea how large the return of investments are for large companies that do this for a living because the manpower is less and the maintenance costs are very low.

Network games, MMORPG or setting up another site would not be a problem with a managed server. If we harness this kind of technology it would be advantageous for those who are both starting out and who are venturing into bigger avenues for opportunities. Institutions in this field like Server Club might interest you. They have the best value for money and servers that can run 24/7 so you can forget about it while making progress on those businesses that need your great attention. You get what you pay for and more; isn't that a great deal?!

If you need one I'll check them out if I were you!


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