The Big Bad Blogger

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyone in Philippine Blog universe is talking about the Big Bad Blogger. Everyone's wondering who he is (assuming he's a guy) or who she is (maybe she's a lady?!). Some of them came up with names already but the point is... this just maybe another rumor. It's so easy to mar someones reputation these days that it could just point to anyone in the blogosphere and put his/her name in the NOT TO READ BECAUSE HE/SHE's NOT REPUTABLE list. Let's face it, reputation is all it is on this dimension.

Food Blogging looked so weird last night because it was all about them as indicated in the article. (I strongly suggest you read THIS ARTICLE before going on to the rest of this post). It tells about what this Big Bad Blogger did in cohorts with the PR Firm mentioned in the story to extort money for their services. Some folks are evil. I guess the thing about the PR Firm and the restaurant is true because that information is first hand but if that Big Bad Blogger negative review is true then that would be another story.

Who is it? Why did he do this? Why would he do this after all those years of blogging? Well your guess is as good as mine but then again this is a business for him/her. If you want to know, you guys should follow @jiritajackson, @divasoria and @harold_geronimo. Read the most popular food blogs too and you'll get an idea who they are talking about. But if this is true or not is up to you... either that or wait for Margaux Salcedo to blurt it out on Inquirer and Manila Bulletin. Straight from the horses mouth! =)



Axl Powerhouse Network said...

yun nga yeap... sinu kaya yang BBB na yan... grabe tomng issue na yan ha!! pambihira..

John Bueno said...

i know who they are pertaining to but if its true or not is another thing

BAM! said...

read the article too. grabe talaga. i hope the restaurant owner sues the pr agency's ass.

-=K=- said...

All subtle clues lead to Anton eh. But is he or isnt he? That is the question.