Daily Moo's 01102011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This day is neat! I've been listening to DZMM these past few days and my mornings have never been better. You must be askin (or not!) why in the world am I awake at this hour?! Well I've been adjusting my shift a little because of work and coming from the graveyard shift, it ain't easy! My body clock is not cooperating. I need to be slightly optimistic that I can do this otherwise that part where I wake up at 2am wouldn't be healthy. I almost went to the office that early because I couldn't sleep but I decided to lounge around our home and get a little workout in between so when I get tired that'll probably get me dizzy and make me fall asleep. The adrenaline rush is a different story.

Got a headache now that I'm in the office. I didn't eat breakfast. I forgot. Nobody even noticed that I didn't eat. Now I'm taking the bitter pill... of regretting going to the office too early ha-ha! See? Even my brand of humor is affected. I'm not funny anymore.... I wasn't funny in the first place!

For you dreamers out there, here's a video that I was tagged on this morning. I don't know why but I don't like it. Somehow the age is showing in the song choices. I hate it apparently.

See what I mean? Now back to regular programming.



Axl Powerhouse Network said...

aww.. kumain kasi sa tamang oras.. importante pa naman ang breakfast ito ang nagdiditermine ng lakas sa umaga :D

John Bueno said...

nakakain nako hehe