"I've been X'd!"

Sunday, January 02, 2011

It's been quite a while since I posted some of my photos on this site. I haven't been able to update in ages too so I'm doing this now, it's time to show you some of the things that kept be busy last year. This hasn't been shown yet in Facebook... well I guess it hasn't been shown; but if I did I might have shown it only to a few people. So you are lucky I'm doing this now.

For those who don't know yet I'm a Fashion Photographer and part of the milestone that happened last year was the chance to be on my idol's workshop. Some only dream of this but I had the chance to be taught by my sensei Xander Angeles. He's the guy that puts those babes in front of those glossy magazines like FHM, MEGA, etc. I love his work and what great news that I also got to be with his apprentice at that time Niko Villegas. Both masters at this craft I was sure to learn a thing or two about the genre that I was passionate about.

Here are some of my shots! Enjoy!






This set is called "I've been X'd!" to pay homage to the one who was teaching me how to do these shots last August. Xander Angeles was really on a class of his own. Thank you so much for everything Jedi Master heheh this budding fashion photographer really learned a lot and I want to thank you for everything!

Model Luane Pasinatto
Stylist: Patricia Reyes

MUA: Faye Esteban, Princess Nimfa Malapad, Chrisitne Joyce Viray



Bino said...

ganda ng model!!!! :D

John Bueno said...

eh yung shot ng photographer bino hinde? LOL

pusangkalye said...

tindi nito---diko kinaya---ibang level. kelan kaya ako makaka-abot dyan. dami ko pang kakaining palay.like palay talaga.hahaha. nice nice. namangha ako John!!!

go team GMA-7!!! bwahaha

Yffar'sWorld said...

these are great shots! i envy you, hehe, wala kasi akong good cam (wala pang budget actually), hopefully i'd be able to get one this yr.

-=K=- said...

Wow nicely done! Galing! :)

glentot said...

great looking shots, nakakainggit!

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

yun pala yun oh.. pude isali sa FHM or maxim :D

Xprosaic said...

Yun oh! pwede nang ipublish sa magazine... sana matuto din ako ng ganyan... galing!

John Bueno said...

@Anton talagang bubuhayin pa yang channel 7 na yan hahahah

@Raffy nakow sabe nga nila its the indian not the pana heheh

@Ms K thank you so much po =) glad you liked it!

@Glentot so pano na, photoshoot na tayo kayo ang model hehe... salamat sa pagappreciate! that made me happy =)

@AXL thanks ha =) yung nagturo naman sila yung nag sshoot sa FHM hehe

@Xprosiac nakow ikaw pa kaya mu yan hehe FHM China!

ZaiZai said...

mas mag eenjoy sila kung ako nag pose ng ganyan!haha! nice pics! :)

John Bueno said...

syempre zai, palit spaghetti LOL

khantotantra said...

ganda ng model nio sir.

saka pede n pang-billboard or cover sa mag. :D

John Bueno said...

@khantotantra actually she already is.. =)