Neat Scrubs!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

This year has been a blast! I love how it started and ended. I was blessed with so many friends and got to go out of the country with my folks too. I also got to see relatives that I haven't met for a long time! My cousins are all in the medical field. Most of them are nurses, physical therapists and medical technologists. I on the other hand ventured into a different one since I am a Computer Engineer by profession. I still see them wear nursing scrubs every now and then. I am not surprised because they need this for work. It's one of the most comfortable things to wear I'm sure and mind you they come in different designs and colors. Fashion wise, they are not that far behind. I haven't caught them wearing anything bland last year and this year it wouldn't be the same.

I wore something similar a few years ago because they gave me one. I used it in lieu of my pajamas and it was really neat that I could sleep with it. Imagine they were all using it as uniforms and I was feeling so comfortable I got to use it for sleep! I want to bring back the favor though so before they all become so busy during the New Year's Eve... they can wear something new. The scrub clothing would really look great on them. I didn't have time to buy them anything for Christmas presents so this would do. They are expecting a lot of people to flock the hospitals this New Year because of the culture of fireworks in this side of the world. No matter how dangerous it may seem they all still do it. I hope there would be less of them this year so my cousins wouldn't be too tired when they go back on the 1st for lunch.

Happy New Year everyone!



Bino said...

at dahil ngayon lang ako nagonline. happy new year pa rin :D

ZaiZai said...

happy new year! more energy more happy! :)