I Want Privacy

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Our office just relocated. It's a stone's throw away from the original space we were at and in a different building. I love its proximity to shops and restaurants which would make our life a little easier when we need to go out for lunch or dinner. We are currently fixing some small details in the room that we were assigned to because apparently everyone can see us from the outside. Privacy is of utmost concern since there are confidential matters that we also need to work on. I hate to say this but it looks like we are in a fishbowl right now. I need to secure conservatory blinds so we could get some decent covers for our new space now. If that wouldn't be done within the week I'm sure to have problems when meeting schedules arrive. I'll have to push the administration department to take care of that.

The transfer was smooth and without hitches. The computers are working fine too! I love the new one because it is a little isolated. If they take care of the privacy concerns then it will be perfect. I wish I could bring my own covers for that because I probably have better taste in choosing the right color and texture for blinds. I don't like those other ones you usually see in banks which makes the feel too corporate. I want it formal but a little homey. I want the ones in the photo above. I'll ask them to get the ones on line. I'm sure they'll be doing the other offices too and this would be great for that look.


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