Life is a Dance Floor

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I always go out every weekend because I have lots of friends in bars and clubs around the metro. I love house and trance music and I can never get tired of it. To tell you honestly I also went out just this week and boy did I enjoy the songs played in the club. I love going out because I am single and that is one of the perks. The passion for music though is really getting to me. I also want to be a DJ someday but I never got into the norm of how to do it. Software mixing is another subject and I know someday I'll get the hang of it. If I get high quality dj usb leads that might get the balls rolling. It'll be easier to combine and do a mash up of my favorite pop songs and make them house or a little bit electronic. I've seen some of the best and my current muse is Ministry of Sound UK. Why am I going to have problems with that?!

I'll try and stay away from those 80's hits because they are pretty bland. Some kids don't like it so if I plan to have a party of my own to hone my skills on this someday, I'll stick with the plan. I have some of them somewhere here but I think it would be good to mix them up with some of my photos too. This would be good for presentations and music videos just like the one I made for a shop. I'll try to make this work sooner than you think. I'll be a DJ and that is one of the few things I'll do this year. Wish me luck guys!


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