Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I've been working so hard my entire life. I am one of those middle class professionals that live paycheck to paycheck and couldn't even get a vacation. I haven't had one in 6 years. I was able to go out with my family with a measly budget just this last quarter of 2010; but I'm still paying for that now. Yes, its funny; but I got myself into debt. I'm still optimistic though since I got my bonuses I'd be able to pay for that. I've got several godchildren too to make matters worse (no pun intended my kumares and kumpadres!) so it wouldn't be easy on me this Christmas season. The deal is, I forgot one important thing...

I forgot all about ME.

You know that feeling that you sometimes get when you run out of money and you haven't bought yourself a single thing? I feel that every year. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything about it because my priorities stay with my folks... and other people. You can say I'm a giver... and I fervently hope it doesn't sound so self serving; but I find happiness in that.

This time, I would like to be a little selfish even just for a while. I hope someone with a good heart out there gives me a NOKIA C7. Of all the things I could have asked for you might be wondering why right?!

It's simple...

You know when I started photography a couple of years ago I didn't really use a professional camera. But let me show you this:

Do you know what I used for taking these breathtaking photos? I used a NOKIA 6280. This was a trip out on the mountains off Zambales. I didn't have a DSLR camera then but do you know why I got into this art form? I used a 2 megapixel camera for these shots and they turned out great, how much more if I had a very powerful phone. Just imagine what images I can capture using the 8 megapixel camera of the C7! It was one of the few things that inspired me to take photography seriously!

I wouldn't have to worry also if I stayed in remote places since a fully charge C7 battery can last me around 2 days or more for stand by time. I can also dedicate 28 to 32 hours of heavy use with this unit for text messaging and calling. It wouldn't also bore me on trips since I can get 14 hours of pure unadulterated music play or 10 to 12 hours of WIFI surfing from any access point. I'm a social media expert and I need to be online 24/7 so this is indeed a good alternative if I'm on a break than bringing my 2 pound laptop along in my haversack traversing several mountains and cripple myself in the long run. The build is so elegant and thin I wouldn't be too shy to take out my phone in public because it's not going to look dirt scratched like the one I have now. I need a replacement obviously but I've delayed it for the longest time. If there's something else better it would only be a NOKIA C7. I'm impressed by the ease of use and faster operating system (Symbian3) as it can also run on slow processors hence extending the battery life. Saving MP3 music can also be a cinch from your message Inbox and can be done by simply going to Options > Save. For frustrated DJ's like me, you can simply line up your kind of music and use the built in transmitter and broadcast through your car stereos or music system since any external FM receiver can do the job! You can't even compare this with IPHONE because it'll play flash videos, a thing the latter couldn't do!

I wouldn't get lost with this phone too. The "pinch to zoom" for navigation software OVI Maps can take care of me if ever I do. Technology has really made things easier for people like me who sometimes lose sense of direction. I wouldn't worry that much because as far as Social Networks are concerned, this is the thing that can get you connected to the Internet lightning fast on WIFI and 3G. It can give you updates from Social Networks directly to your home screen. All their applications have diversity, function and relevance unlike others that just create them like hotcakes.

My wish is simple. I want the Nokia C7 phone because I love to keep in touch with family and friends. I love gadgets made with metal surfaces, glass and something that looks transparent. I would like to have a phone that has state of the art social media features that fits nicely in my hand, a good camera with a big clear display and a touchscreen. It will be my companion, I'll treat it like a friend. I want a phone designed for people. I love the C7 because it's like a window without physical obstacles to reach your loved ones, friends and family. If that isn't enough reason for me to get one this Christmas, I wouldn't know any other phone that could.

I make wishes, I have dreams and I still want to believe that someday, somehow, someone will get me that Nokia C7. This is my chance and I'm taking it! I'm thankful!



Yffar'sWorld said...

That's one powerful phone! I'm planning to get a new one in January and C7 tops my list. XD

John Bueno said...

Thanks Raffy! ^_^

ZaiZai said...

di ko afford ang c7 e, prayers lang kaya ko. pag pray ko may mag bigay sayo :)