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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm planning to put up a site for my photography portfolio. I know I have been making these sites through the goodness of the people who provide free templates but I need a special one that wouldn't look cheesy. I know there are great options out there and I'll probably get a website maker that would be easy to maintain and modify since I have plans to put up a lot of features on it too. It would also contain my contact information and packages that would surely be the delight of clients around the world. That is how far I would like to take this career obviously and if I would be able to make my own spread for the likes of Vogue or Cosmopolitan I can take a break from my day job!

I have very limited knowledge about how to create a website and if I push through on this new project I need all the help I can get so it wouldn't look second rate. I plan to put emphasis on the feelings of shock and awe once they get to my landing page. It should be above the ordinary standards set by web masters and I would like to use slide shows or graphics to make it easier on the eyes. The thought of putting audio though would be optional. I'm sure institutions like UCOZ Web Services can get me a free website builder and have it up and running in no time at all! They have a lot of things that can help you understand the site metrics which would be important in the business. The return of investment would be promising for any business as long as they use reputable tools to market their trade.

Why would I choose otherwise when UCOZ has got all the things I need to be successful?!



ZaiZai said...

good luck sa upcoming site! :)

Axl Powerhouse Network said...

naks... sikat na eh.. hehee... goodluck on that :D

John Bueno said...

@Zai salamat hehehe

@AXL oist di nomon hehe