My Dream Villas In France

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working so hard the past year I have been contemplating where to go for a vacation. The usual ones would be the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia but I've grown tired traveling on most of them. This year I'll be trying my luck on backpacking in Europe. I'll be going alone but I'll try my best to raise some funds so I can get my Mom to come along. This particular trip would probably involve us to France because she wanted to go to Lourdes (because she's a devoted Catholic) while the hopeless romantic in me would prefer a night or two in Paris (the city of lights). It's also one of my dreams to shoot from a countryside shabby chic cottage so I would like to find villas in France that we could stay in. We might decide to stay a week since we would be able to save a lot than by just staying overnight. I hope I can get ample amount of vacation leave credits so this would be feasible. I want to also experience the exquisite food they are known for. Oh I can almost taste it! I want to have my own villa someday too but this would be nice to get a feel of it! This is but a dream!

Paris is legendary for its nicest lights and the Eiffel Tower. Seeing the gigantic but beautiful structure towering over the city would be the perfect way to end this trip. I would like to also get inside museums and see the artwork of the masters. Shooting landscapes and a couple of night exposures in that location would be blissful for a photographer like me. I wish to have my own villa holidays spent in Paris and elsewhere in Europe soon. I'm making a list of the requirements for VISA and planning the itinerary now. There are other countries that we would like to include too since it would be relatively easier to travel on local EU flights. I promised to visit my brother in Ireland and this would be the perfect time to do so. I'll also have to ask him about Spain and a couple of cities there. I'll have to make sure my money is spent on the greatest accommodations I could afford and still have money to splurge on a little shopping in the other countries on our list. I wouldn't stop myself to just take the train rides too so I could visit the outskirts and see the places that most tourists do not have on their plans. Oh just thinking about these makes me so excited! I'll tell you about it when all of these push through next year. Wish me luck!


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