Twitter Wars: @PilyangSweet and @SGeronimo25

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love twitter wars. When celebrities turn on each other and show their true colors. It is somewhat bitter sweet when you both adore them but the backlashes of words are so amusing! Here's the story:

It looks like there was a short exchange of jokes in the rehearsals of ASAP XV. It probably was meant as a joke between the stars Sarah Geronimo and John Pratts because of their (Sarah and Christine) former love interest Rayver Cruz. The bad news is, Christine Reyes found out about it because it was said while Sarah was on the microphone. This made Christine flare up hence this series of tweets.

Maybe after seeing her tweets on this event, their Manager reacts like this:

Which probably means she is on the side of Sarah (Maybe because she earns more hehe)

And their manager says:

Christine Reyes, as outspoken as she has always been answers back their Manager:

And so the twitter wars go on. Make sure you follow @pilyangsweet for more updates. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it! Ha-ha!


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