Recovering... Getting there!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sorry guys I haven't actually posted much of my activities this Christmas Season because I was down with the flu the whole week. It was very hard for me to even look at the monitor or stand up or even eat because everything felt miserable. I felt really bad that I couldn't even get to celebrate with my family but I think I am recovering. I'm still sick but I'm getting there and hopefully after a week or so I'd be able to go back on my feet and write the hell out of this joint ha-ha!

I was planning to watch a movie later but I'm weighing my options since I don't want to go out sick and just chill inside the movie theaters. I better check myself if I can do it otherwise I should just stay at home and get some well needed rest. I also plan to go somewhere this year and it'll cost me an arm and a leg. I'll try it though... no harm in trying so they say.

I want to go to my friend's house so I can give gifts to my god daughters/godsons. A late gift is still a gift after all. I don't want to be the bad "ninong" when the time comes and they would only curse me after a few years LOL. Anyway, I'm back and that's great news to start the new year right?!

Thanks for staying guys, I owe you a lot! You know who you are! =)



glentot said...

Get well soon!

John Bueno said...

Thanks Glennglenn... lapit nako gumaling ^_^