Wishing You Freedom from Debt!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sometimes I wish there was someway I could get out of debt. I can't imagine how my life would be if I'm working just to pay an impossible debt. Doing something about this condition should be a priority so we won't be living salary to salary and end up only paying the interest than the actual debt itself. I'm not an expert but there are people who might actually do this for a living. Fixing structures and negotiating with banks is not on my resume but I would like to do this so I would not end up living a hard life. I'm still young but without saving a single centavo it would be impossible for me to become successful in the near future. I wish there were experts like J. Hass Group that would be able to help me do this. It would be a big help for those who do not know the runaround in this industry. I wouldn't want to end up being hounded by debt collectors like some friends I know.

Life is complicated and never easy but on instances that I wouldn't be able to pay for my debt I'd rather have them negotiated further so it would be easier to pay. Interest rates are too high these days and making the necessary arrangements to get these loans streamlined to a zero interest - payable in 6-12 months would be a huge help for anybody. If it would be a one time big time pay I wouldn't be able to eat or have money to work for the next month. My friends are already in this situation and I'm seeing them suffer a lot. Christmas is not an exception because they end up paying a little more because of our culture giving gifts to almost everyone we know. The bonuses simply fly out of our palms and next year we end up complaining that we're under debt more than what we used to be. Here's hoping for a year of freedom from debt! Here's to our dreams and aspiration too!


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Bino said...

ako may utang ako sa credit cards. buti na lang 0% :)