Looking for that One in a Million

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

In this part of the world it is pretty hard to hook up with someone that would perfectly match you. I should know because I've been single and dating on and off for quite a number of years now and true enough almost all my friends ask me when I'll be settling down. I am a little bit irritated because whosoever made that rule and getting a partner just to be happy must be laughing at me somewhere high above. I know there is some truth to that but I'd rather take my time making this choice. I'll be the one spending my lifetime forever with her anyway right?! I'm a catch too and not to brag about it but I'm one of those choosy guys who would rather make the best choice or nothing at all. My standards are high and if there were Jersey City singles here that would probably be my first choice. I'd like to have someone more suburban and quaint and not the type of raunchy ones you often see in the clubs. I would like her to be someone smart and articulate. I want someone who can catch up with my humor because most of the time they just don't get it.

I am still optimistic though that someday that perfect person will suddenly appear and make me fall into my knees. I'll love her with all my heart and I'd be loyal and truthful to what we'll be promising in the altar. It's the perfect thing for someone who hopes for the happy ending everyone's been dreaming of. I'll take this one step at a time!

To inspire everyone let's listen to NEYO!



Traveliztera said...

ayan pinapakinggan ko na rin! hahahahaha

John Bueno said...

Nice huh?! ^^,