STOP Child Violence

Friday, December 03, 2010

I wasn't the perfect kid ages ago. I did the most mischievous things you can imagine. Part of the process called "Growing up" I guess huh? Discipline for me was mostly instilled by my Mom. I hate to admit but I am a Mama's boy. She did bring me up quite well but there are several normal Filipino instances where you get hit by flipflops, hangers, belts and tied to a chair occasionally. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think it was too much though because look at me now... I ended up remembering those days but I practically turned out okay. What I don't like is seeing some of the kids in my neighborhood going through corporal punishment to the point of treating them like criminals already. If you get bludgeoned, burned, or beat up, that is too much. That goes for the verbal abuse too. I guess I was slightly affected when this whole campaign for child violence came up in Facebook. I don't blame my Mom for anything because she took it lightly on me. I love her.

I hate people though that hurt their kids too much. I couldn't quite put where to gauge what is too much or not but the assumption on the first paragraph is enough I guess. I want people to change and STOP CHILD VIOLENCE but not to the point of giving them too much freedom that they become ingrates and undisciplined individuals already. Now the deal in Facebook was to change your profile picture to your favorite childhood cartoon character and guess who I chose?

I'm Future Trunks! =)

So make the choice to stop child violence now and change your profile pictures to something you wanted when you were a kid. Change your Twitter, Facebook and all your social networking photos now! =)



ZaiZai said...

inabangan ko kaya kung sino ang magiging prof pic mo haha :) anyways sana this campaign really does help. child violence needs to na!

John Bueno said...

alam ng mga friends ko kung sino ako dati pa heheh... =) I'm Trunks! =")

pusangkalye said...

kaya naman pala puro cartoon characters ang mga contacts ko s fb at diko na madistinguish hu is hu. natabunan yung anti-aids campaign.