Oh Santa It's Nicki Minaj!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It looks like I'm on my way to search for Nicki Minaj. I kinda like her songs, particularly this one even if it is a revival of some sort. There are not that many female rappers in the US these days so this is somehow a breath of fresh air. Not to compare her with Lady Gaga because that is another issue. The weird costumes, catchy tunes and weird vocals are giveaways but then again she is doing it in her own way. I wonder if she credits the other as inspiration.

Mariah is back with another hit called Oh Santa! and it has been topping the charts since the first week of December 2010. I wonder what will happen to this new Christmas Album, will it be timeless as the other older ones or will this just be a fad on holidays? I wonder...

So what are you playing at this time of the year? Did you buy albums or download them for free? What is your current LSS? These are the two songs that stood out on my turf so let me know whats yours okay? =)



glentot said...

I just discovered Nicki Minaj (by accident, when I searched youtube for No More I Love You's. I like her soooo much. Her raps are crazy. Her costumes are crazy. Her videos are entertaining, especially this one you posted, it's so good.

John Bueno said...

Ahh so that's why, I like her Glennglenn because she's a little naughty, like a black Lady Gaga of some sort huh?