Hungry for a Photoshoot !

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

I'm going to let you take a peek at some of my shots. I am hungry for a photoshoot so please bear with me if I sound a little off now. It's been a long time since my last big photoshoot and it would be a big challenge for me to do this on January but I think if my friends and I bring this thing together we can do it. I wish there was an angel who could provide me with the location I want. Money would not be a concern though since if I invite a lot of photographers over that would probably cover the costs. I also have friends who can do professional make up and styling. When and how am I going to do this? It's still in the air but since I'm dead envious of the others who are still doing fashion shoots I'll drop them a bomb here. Ready?

Here are some of my shots from the defunct Nocturnals... this was from the Avant Garde Wedding Shoot. Here we go!

I knew fashion photography was something I should do after I got my shots published on the Digital Photographer Philippines magazine. I felt all the effort and hard work that I put in on this craft paid off only after a year. I want to shoot again with my peers. It's just sad that some of them lost their way. I hope in one way or another I could still get some of them to help get a big shoot in order. It would be such a waste to throw away some of their talents, I've seen some of their works too. I hope one day we'll shoot again. I hope so... I really hope so.



pusangkalye said...

wala na kasi ang nocturnal eh. musta ba yung isang binuo nyo after the defunc group? diba meron? namiss ko bigla ang yopho. hahaha

John Bueno said...

dipa masyado nakakapagorganize eh so ayun