Saturday Date Night

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It was another grand evening of parties and celebrations. I love it when friends spend their whole month's salaries on booze and food. I was also in the lookout for something more than the celebrations though. I wanted to get hooked up so bad before Christmas so I did so many things that I'd probably regret next year ha-ha! If only I had a chance to meet Norfolk singles it would be a better date night for me too. I assumed the single man's position and went to a different local bar to meet ladies again. I admit this has been gearing to be a habit but what can I do I have a deadline to meet. I got my friends there too so I wasn't alone that time. It was pretty cool we didn't have the same taste in women though... so there is no conflict of interests!

I stood by the bar most of the time and settled to be my own smile machine whenever someone nearby is getting a drink. I kind of helped out the ladies there and bought someone a drink. It wasn't a bad night because I got some numbers now. I am interested on one particular person though and we have been exchanging messages up until 7AM. The hangover is killing me but deep inside I was smiling because I like what I was reading. There will be a date this coming weekend and guess that's it! I'm sure this dating thing wouldn't be a bad thing to do if she likes me that much and I might like her too. I'm not quite sure yet but we'll see when we have more time to talk on Friday. I would do this or get some girls on line. Dating is a little difficult when you don't get someone who lives nearby. You won't be able to spend more time and just spend most on phone calls and exchanging short messages. I'll try my best to get it on with someone soon so wish me luck! I need that obviously!

Are you still single and dating? What are your plans to get that relationship status changed?!


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