Which is better, gasoline or diesel?

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Motorheads have various opinions on which is better to have: a gasoline-powered or a diesel-propelled vehicle. Some would say the former has a lot more benefits than the other, and others, vice versa. So we listed down some points to consider if you’ll be getting either a diesel or a gasoline-fed vehicle.


This would be the biggest consideration for many. Since everyone—and we do mean everyone—experiences long hours in traffic jams, getting a motor vehicle that would not guzzle up its fuel should be a priority. While there are lots of gasoline-powered vehicles in the market now that claim they have a high fuel-efficiency rating, most of the time, it’s the diesel-engined vehicles that take the cake. Carmudi reported that diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than its gasoline counterparts: some 25-30 percent more if based on figures. On an average, vehicles will be driven at about 48,000 kilometers in a span of three years. Based on Carmudi’s calculation two years ago, at an average price back then of P30 per liter on diesel and P40 on gas, one would have spent some P213,999 on petrol versus the P120,000 only on diesel.


Diesel engines nowadays—thanks to its common-rail direct injection and turbocharging features—can provide more power and torque even at low RPMs, so there is no need to push the gas pedal harder to get that little more oomph. Gasoline-fed motors can provide equally-powerful figures in terms of power and torque, but unlike the diesel engines, it needs higher RPM to put out such numbers.


We all know that all vehicles depreciate in value in time, that is why many owners tend to sell their vehicle after a few years. If you are that type of person,, then diesel engine is good for you. Go to both our new cars and used cars’ page and you will see that the prices of diesel-powered vehicles are usually higher compared to those propelled by gasoline. However, if buying price would be of consideration, petrol engines are much cheaper, meaning, they’re much easier to acquire compared to diesels.


Without a doubt, gasoline trumps diesel engines on this. Usually, gasoline is more refined than diesel. Over time, smoke coming from diesel engines tend to be darker, especially when using low-grade diesel; CRDi are especially very sensitive to fuel quality. This is the reason diesel fuels need special additives and lubricants to maintain its healthy state. Gasoline, on the other hand, is easier to maintain and leaves lesser carbon footprints.


Truth is, it all depends on your preference. Getting a vehicle that fits your lifestyle, where you will be using it without undermining your financial capability, should dictate the vehicle that you will be having. Scout and get your preferred vehicle here.

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