THE CLASH Finalists Backstage Interview

Monday, August 20, 2018

Took some time out to talk to the finalists of THE CLASH a few days ago, some really good singers I must say. I mean they wouldn’t be in the finals if that wasn’t the case right? I was a little nervous doing this interview because apart from just watching the show, I don’t know much of them on a personal level. In a way it was hard for me to ask them because I didn’t know more about them, so I did the best thing of doing this from a fans point of view. I asked them about their beginnings, things they were doing before they auditioned for the show... and some about their personal life so I’d get to know them even for the few minutes we had the chance to interview these guys and gals. It went without to say, a very happy chat with them instead of a nervous wreck I anticipated. I felt that they were just ordinary people like you and me, just a little more special because of the biological setup of their pipes, which has taken them places literally.

Most of these guys hailed from small towns in Visayas and Mindanao, of which only a handful of them coming from Valenzuela and nearby cities. Most of them are amateur singers who frequent Barangay Fiestas and join shows to win things to put food on the table, while others are first timers who just one day said “I’m going to try this out!” to see where this takes them. I remember one of them also saying he didn’t even join contests outside school, which I felt humanized this competition to ultimately get their stars to shine, on a national stage. Some are OFW’s finding a silver lining, earning for their family and thinking about their survival.

Clad in their gowns, suits, hair rollers, little to no makeup before the show, these men and women of The Clash taught me something, that it doesn’t have to be all complicated. There are hindrances that life may present to you, but a dream is a dream. Let no one tell you that you don’t deserve this shot -and GMA has given them the platform to make their dreams into reality. With the show almost ending, I’ve seen standouts and worthy adversaries for the last showdown, but I’m keeping my cards private. They all deserve to win but only one will be chosen, this will be a hard predicament, a hard choice, but the judges have to do ther jobs. Do not hate them if your bets don’t win, it’s a vicious cycle, but they have to do it.

We had the courage to ask them about their crushes on the show, this is fun!

Congratulations to whoever is going to win! Thank you for being so nice and candid during our short interview.

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