Korean Grill Goodness at House of Gogi

Monday, August 20, 2018

Kris Bernal has been wearing different hats since I have known her. Aside from being an actress, singer, dancer, business woman, here she goes again delving into a restaurant in Dapitan Street, Manila called HOUSE OF GOGI. That sounds like a fashion house but do know this stems from the Bulgogi which is a Korean beef dish that she fancies, we tried it out for ourselves a few days ago to know what it was all about.

The concept is simple, if it's lunch time you pay 399, if it's dinner you pay 488. What do you get for that amount you say? You get A LOT!

The Banchan (customary side dishes) consists of Fish Cake, Corn and Cheese, Potatoes, Korean Pancake and dried anchovies. They also refill at will so if you are a buffet Olympian like me, skip breakfast and bring your appetite to lunch with your friends and family. 

The meats? It's what they are known for. GOGI goodness comes in Beef Samgyupsal, Beef Bulgogi and Kimchi Beef varieties. Pork also comes in Pork Samgyupsal, Pork Bulgogi and Spicy Pork viands. I went for the Beef Samgyupsal and had it with fresh greens which they serve with a table top one burner stove. Lay all the meats on the grill and wait for your cheese to melt (takes a few minutes) and all this comes with the price you paid for lunch. I asked how she was able to keep the prices of lunch and dinner so low, Kris shares because she gets them straight from the source. She tells us the supplier is the family of her non showbiz boyfriend which she has known for quite a while now. Remember MEAT KRIS? All the patties she used from that burger  business came from that same supplier. She closed down shop because she felt that was all a testing ground before she decided to open a full blown restaurant - hence House of Gogi.

The meat becomes doubly good with their sauces, the gochujang was exceptionally good, kudos whoever made that because it has a little sweetness and not just super spicy.

The kimchi wasn't too strong, a little on the less spicy side but you can fix that with the gochujang. Your grilled pork will have even more love if you get melted cheese with it, not the cheddar type but real Mozzarella. You can ask for refills if you need to. This is so good!

Things like Beef Bulgogi and this steamed egg dish makes this place even better. Oh and did I forget to mention that they serve unlimited BIBIMBAP instead of the usual rice? Now how can you not try this place no?

The place is also instagrammable if there is such a term, so make sure you bring your phone cameras so you can share the experience.

After a good meal, we asked Kris Bernal a few questions about her upcoming show and a few details of who's going to be in it. She will be opposite Thea Tolentino on another ground breaking drama which GMA is known for.

Additionally we also learned she's planning to put up her own brand of lipstick, which dumbfounded me because everyone thought she was just quiet and doing nothing apart from her show, but NO. She's doing businesses left and right, some real estate investments, several shows and movies in the  pipeline, even got a brand launched very soon. 

Kris Bernal wants you to also experience House of Gogi for yourselves so head on to #55 Dapitan Street in Manila or just search House of Gogi in WAZE or Google Maps. It's this food park that has a car wash shop in the center. Just go up the small flight of stairs in the center and enter House of Gogi. Kris and her partners usually are there to say hi while you dine.

Congratulations Kris! Can't wait to see your other branches and other restaurants soon!

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