HADSAP Brings Grassroots Nutrition Education

Sunday, August 26, 2018

We all know how important nutrition is in the Philippines. With the plight of even more Filipinos getting even more worse, poverty stricken areas would all be nests for lack of food, hunger and malnutrition in different levels. This has been the same for the middle class who has been heavily hit by the rising costs of food, inflation, and believe it or not, even taxes hits where it hurts the most, in your own home. When the Health and Dietary Supplements Association of the Philippines heard about this, they figured to take action where it is needed so even if they were all been doing this since 2007, they pointed all their efforts this year to the grassroots level which they call "Lodi Ang Healthy". 

They are doing this in cooperation with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute and the Rotary Club West. These are a line of seminars designed to benefit young mothers and kids so they would understand things about maternal health and reduce child mortality. 

After learning  a lot in these activities, women and children were also given supplements from member companies. I'd be worried if they didn't get the proper nutrition they would need to survive this worrisome economic climate because of the hardships of putting food on the table. Kudos to the participants and I wish them well after learning a lot in these seminars.

Stay healthy folks! 

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