Sisters Day at Starmall Alabang

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Spent the afternoon at Starmall Alabang for the Megasoft Hygeinic Products Inc Happiness Lives Here event which they do for Cherub Baby Care products and Sisters Sanitary Napkins. I guess it’s a little awkward for me to be here but seeing people from the CD and E market enjoying the activities that they prepared for them.

In a way they are trying to desensitize people talking about hygeine and health care. It’s a good thing for those they want to educate so I get what they are doing. This is a yearly thing they call I love my Sisters Day.

WCOPA Champion from the Philippines and world class performer Aljun Cayawan serenaded the guests, oh and he’s going to be part of the brand’s ambassadors too come September. He hails from a Manobo tribe, a Prince of it, 100% Filipino and is quite promising. Ms. Aileen Choi Go of Megasoft and their executives were there to also support the cause.

Local dance group CT Vibes

Local dance group CT Vibes also prepared something special for them. Very talented I must say.

To celebrate their 3rd year they brought Myrtle Sarrosa in the tour, she’s been with them for quite a while and they have been growing their business with them. They have been doing this in 56 different schools to inspire the youth.

Myrtle also invited a couple of people on stage and danced the Boom Boom somg from Momo thingy, quite entertaining.

My boy Ryle of Hashtags spent minutes on stage and set it on fire. He danced his way to their hearts, even sang too. He also was game to be babied by his fans during a small game, he’s the face of Cherub Baby Care products by the way.

Young JV did his thing and he also gave us a treat by dishing some of his singles, all from his latest album. I like his music now, very upbeat and urban rap.

Congratulations Megasoft Hygeinic Products for hosting this I Love My Sisters Day for the people of the south.

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