Natural Bodybuilding Competition Slated October

Monday, August 20, 2018

Had lunch with the people who organised the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation of the Philippines. They did this small luncheon to promote bodybuilding as a sport in the country. I have attended about two of these recently (other competitions) and have seen how remarkably improved our athletes have become. It is true that they spent blood sweat and tears in order to be in their best shape but I guess WNBF Philippines will be making this a whole lot different, a whole lot stricter.

The organization is affiliated with the WNBF which has been around for 30 years and now has about 24 countries competing. They are still growing and to get in alone is a task - because they do polygraph and urine tests as a form of seeing who’s getting illegal substances in their system. The federation also bans athletes who fail these tests for 7 years, so don’t even think about it!

Chris Byrne VP of WNBF Philippines says “People can go to our website and register at , requirements only include membership in the federation and be an adult (18 and above) and we are expecting around 50 competitors and it depends on how this would run. We would have stricter regulations than the olympics and it levels the playing ground. A lot of people are using illegal substances, this won’t shun them but we really want a platform for those who does it naturally. We will have judges from INB Canada coming in to do this in October. Last June was a test and we plan to do 5-6 competitions a year. It doesn’t much have cash prizes but we have a collectors item medal to give out. We will also be accepting sponsors as long as it’s natural, organic, as we plan to do this in other parts of the country. This is more of a sports competition, after they get the medals the athletes stayed anyway. We’re confident that it will be in Johnny B. Good formerly Hard Rock Cafe Makati, this will be called WNBFPH3 which will be done on the date we mentioned. You can also go to our social media channels and we can get them aboard.

Last June they held one of these competitions in Johnny B. Good (a local restaurant in Glorietta 3, Makati City) and some athletes from Taiwan, China, Korea, Mongolia and our very own country joined in. They will be doing the same this coming October 27, 2018 so if you’re ready to show your sculptured physique, sign up for it now. There will be international competitors, judges and organisations again in this leg so make sure you represent Philippines well if you plan to join.


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