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Friday, August 10, 2018

This is the first time I've heard of them but being in the theatre scene for quite a while pretty much have made me see some of their services are being used by companies already. The deal is, this is fully owned and operated by Filipinos, yes this is TICKET2ME.NET, a easy ticketing service that takes the long process of buying, verification and ease of production in one go. This could practically take production costs down, scientifically make data useable and sensible, then make the whole buying process just as easy as buying a cup of coffee. Tickets online can now be purchased and scanned with QR Codes, then all people have to do is watch shows whenever, wherever. I guess it prolly stemmed from experience and necessity, like any start of invention.

Darwin Mariano the Founder and CEO of Ticket2Me says “I fell in love with theatre a long time ago, I watched with a couple of friends and enjoyed it quite much with my lunch money. To keep watching, we resold tickets for the show and pooled funds for it. We started buying shows and became successful, but we couldn’t roll over our funds to another show and didn’t get producers to shell out that much during those years and fell short with funds. My love for theatre though continued and gambled years later on before doing it again. In 2013 we did Maxi the musical and adapted this original play on stage, it was a hit and sold out, plus more after that. I realized the platforms were not built to help me, this is why the event ticketing platform Ticket2Me.net has been put up. This is just one part of it, the other is an even more convenient platform without the need of credit card. This is expansive because of payment outlets like pawnshops and convenience stores, now you can do it in the comforts of your home. Ticket2Me has data and analytics, a robust environment also for organizers so they know how much they have earned, registrations, download all the data and see how they progress. This one can pre market tickets, show data and get tickets that people can pay conveniently. Our sales growth without even launching is 400%, and we made technology do the legwork. We are also working on dynamic pricing dependent on producer reasons if they just want to make the theatre full. It’s the realtime accounting of all tickets to make it seamless. Hopefully in the next few months it will serve more in the event community.”

James Mendoza the Co Founder and CTO “To track data, we use blockchain to see how buying tickets, to track the successful payments, reversals, payments to see how all the real ones push through to enable us logging this data privately.”

We also talked about the possibility of them encountering competition and they're pretty confident about how they have presented their app giving Producers much needed services compared to other ticket service sites plus the openness to also work with them instead of them "stealing ideas" from Ticket2me.net if they can't beat what they do. Makes so much sense because the market is so big especially in entertainment industry. There are tons of concerts, theatre shows, musicals, cultural tours, the list goes on. They are also doing improvements to make everything seamless and all they charge for every ticket selling is 10 percent. I am impressed on how they're doing business, take every stride seriously because they've done this before and learned from mistakes. 

If you want to get acquainted with the latest shows, take it easy with buying tickets, or a production who wants them tickets to be sold, you know where to go. Oh and yes, data is big nowadays, you need that for business and understanding the market, things you need for success.

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