AirAsia and Solaire Will Take You Places

Sunday, August 12, 2018

It looks like good news come in folds as AirAsia the world’s best low cost carrier and Solaire make your travel dreams come true with their loyalty rewards program. If you’re a Solaire Rewards Program Card holder and have gone up the ranks from Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond status, you can exchange your equivalent status points so you can get to your dream destinations for free.

AirAsia BIG Members have been enjoying their rewards for some time already, so what’s this you say? Cyrus Sherafat,Solaire Resort’s Executive Vice-President for Marketing says “AirAsia’s has continued to provide our guests with memorable experiences that go beyond our borders. We are delighted that we can reward our loyal Solaire Rewards members with AirAsia exclusive privileges no matter where they are, so they too could fully enjoy their dream destinations. The deal is, 1 Solaire Rewards Status Point can be converted to one AirAsia BIG Point so it will be easier to track and redeem  that flight you’ve always wanted. This will only happen upon linking the AirAsia BIG Member ID to your Solaire Rewards.” 

Now go earn your rewards points and get to that play area so you can get to your dream destination with these free points!

I’ll try flying soon if I could, this will be and easy and convenient way members can use their points other than the perks they have over at Solaire.

Have a wonderful rainy afternoon!

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