Johnn Lemon Free Upgrade on Lemonade Day

Friday, August 17, 2018

Hi I'm John! Nope, I don't own this business but I would want to have one soon. Well here's the thing, have you already had one of these lemonades by JOHNN LEMON? Ehhh.. what do you mean no? Well you're missing out on good natural made lemonades which they have been concocting for 2 years now. They've grown so much that to date they gave over 140 stores across the country, why do you say? Easy, because they've gone beyond ordinary lemonades that you're probably used to.

Johnn Lemon has Lemon Ginger, Lemon Calamansi, Lemon Watermelon (my personal favorite), Lemon Green Tea, Lemon Cola, Lemon Mango, Lemon Strawberry and Lemon Kiwi. I tried most of them a few days ago and find them not just refreshing, but totally mind blowing. I love that you can ask to customize sugar levels because I am not that fond of it, I trust the fruits they mix in on my lemonade and by golly it all turned out great!

They got us to try our hand in making our own Lemonade flavors so I got bananas, mangoes and kiwi fruit on mine, it was so good I planned to have seconds.

I did this with a few blogger friends and they all enjoyed it too. Know that lemons actually give so much Vitamin C and anti oxidants that make those stress go away, not today Satan, not today! LOL

This famous talented artist Mark Dizon even created solo caricatures while the even was going on, I look pretty darn machismo when this happened agree? LOL

Well, what's good is that they are holding the first ever NATIONAL LEMONADE DAY on August 20. People who buy the 16oz cup can get their FREE UPGRADE on the spot so you could enjoy your lemonade flavor in a 22oz Large cup instead. Isn't that amazing? Now go to your nearest Johnn Lemon juice bars around the country and avail this only on this date.

Don't tell me I didn't tell you because it's all over their Facebook page @johnnlemonjuicebar and IG account. I even told you about it here.

If life gives you lemons, yada yada yada! 

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