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Friday, August 17, 2018

I'm sure you're busy, doing things for other people, for work, and probably not think of yourself. It's probably the reason why Watsons wants you to have #MeTime so you take care of the most valuable person in your life, YOU.

In one booth, I was asked about my lifestyle and they recommended supplements that would be good for me which they find out just by asking a few questions. They said I needed Vitamin B1 and B complex, then on another booth, they suggested whitening products for my skin which I've been doing in the past few months already LOL.

Ladies got nail care with hypoallergenic products that is safe for the skin, all from Watsons, which you too can locally get.

Makers of OLAY had us test their online skin checker that gives skin age and mine was 27, not bad I guess but I always consider myself 24 LOL. I don't do anything at night to take care of my skin so they suggested their night miracle cream which sees results in 7 days, I have yet to test that.

I only use their cleansers, which I find light as I use mostly those which are hydrating and water based.

Shamcey Supsup, GMA Stars Ayra Mariano, Marika Sasaki, the Enciso twins also joined the event and shared hair care, skin tips with me. All in all, people from media and bloggers enjoyed the afternoon with freebies from partner brands. 

Now you too can head on to Watsons and get your #MeTime products that is not only good but very affordable.

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