Meet New Megasoft Brand Ambassador Aljun Cayawan

Saturday, September 01, 2018

I’ve seen this guy once during the Sisters Day event in Starmall Alabang. During that time, I was a little bit clueless about him but when he sang on stage, I saw how good he was albeit being new in the entertainment industry. He’s a full blooded Manobo, from Agusan Del Sur - a tribe Prince at that. He’s won 2RU Mister Philippines 2017 and recently beat other countries in World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) bringing pride once again to the Philippines. 

Aljun says “I joined WCOPA 2018 to represent the country but lost all our luggage in the airport, Ms. Aileen and people from Megasoft saw this and helped our team. I am a prince of responsibility, the responsibility to help our tribe, I was chosen by my Grandmother to do this. A lot of us have no access to school and education seems very scarce, now I have put up Sagip Katribo to address it. I lived without parents, but my Grandma looked out for me even with scarce resources. She’s 72 and is in Mindanao but I always try take her around events when I can. I still go there to help when I can and I always see to a point to be there on special occasions. I want to be an actor too if given the chance and perhaps dream of working with Kim Chiu. I hope people get to see our traditions, be known more as part of the Manobo tribe. In our tribe there are no limitations really and I am blessed to be part of a line of endorsers like Myrtle and Young JV. We live a normal life, we earn day to day living, I may have gone around different places and countries but I represent them and will go back when time permits because people around the world have been touched by my story and are very eager to help, I don’t want to become super famous, I would just like to be a person that would be able to help my tribe and other people. I am a warrior too and I will fight discrimination against people of my tribe. I too have never bought slippers til I was 10 years old, never had shoes til I was about 14, but it wasn’t something that would stop me to achieve my dreams, for my people.”

Ms. Aileen explains “We get achievers for our ambassadors, we have 8 events a month and when we got hold of him I was inspired by his story and how he wants to accomplish a lot for his people not just himself. Every time he goes to schools, students see his humble beginnings and now he’s a champion. He used to be a scholar, walking and crossing two rivers to go to school, and now helping an organization called Sagip Katribo to help kids who can’t afford materials for school. He will be doing general endorsement, much like our ambassador JV.”

At 25 years old, I was working but still drinking with my buddies after work, but this guy had the opportunity to help his people, Megasoft Hygeinic Products will be helping him to reach that dream. Congratulations Aljun! Congratulations to Megasoft too!

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