IMU REGEN and its Health Benefits

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

It’s not rocket science to say that every day is a struggle. With stress, with problems, we need the right amount of nutrition every day. Aside from food, there are countless supplements that are out there which may help counter aging, muscle degeneration, unhealthy bones among other things.

Yes they have products that repair DNA/RNA components, non drug, food grade

This one promises that your sleep will be better, your energy will be there and they say it’s very natural. This company called Forever Healthy Products just launched IMU REGEN. Dubbed as Europe’s best kept secret, this gets you fix that starts with your DNA and RNA. It will support healthy tissue generation, support the body’s

Dr. Susan Barlin says “This is second to none because of its effects. This is how fast it works. Everyday we are bombarded with free radicals and our skin cells, everything inside dies and we need to replenish them. These are nucleotides, we need to make sure we get it repaired and replenished and this is why we also have (a secret endorser) here. He needs these in his work, I am 60 years old but my energy and stamina is like a 20 year old. I am so happy for us because together our goal is to bring Filipinos to the world. To educate an awareness for the young ones, not when they are all sick and old already. We believe in supplementation.

Leon Katz the President of Forever Healthy “Our company is a game changer, and so are you. With God’s help we’ll break many records, congratulations to you! We don’t have specific success stories because Doctors themselves who have tried the product, are now our customers. You may check out for more about this.

Honestly this tastes like a sports drink, or a not so sweet Berocca so it is good. They also have 11,000 studies for these in clinics here and abroad. It only is available right now at Forever Healthy Products representatives and partners as part of their MLM efforts. You may also hit them up if you want to be a member, I think you know how that goes.

I’m all for healthy stuff these days.

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