Bryan Revilla is Back as VIRGO in TRES

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Met the good looking but so warm Bryan Revilla. I know ladies would definitely love this guy, so masculine, and very charming. For those who don’t know, he’s back in the film TRES which is a trilogy of sorts with Jolo doing 72 Hours, Luigi doing Amats and Bryan doing Virgo which is sort of a full length in the same film, like inception no?

He goes about saying that he dedicates this movie to his Dad and his Grandpa, Bryan says “Virgo is not my Zodiac sign but it is the name of the character Virgilio Bautista. I had to finish school and finish my degree, Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. I also am very active in church, with Alpha force so in a way I share my experiences, what God can do. Right now I am single. This story is about a PDEA undercover agent. His father was a previous druggie who got his whole family slaughtered: Joey Marquez plays my adoptive Dad and I have Carla Humphries as my partner. Kiko Matos, Dong Abay and Basti Artadi will be my arch nemesis. I have known Richard Somes for a while now, we never had the chance to work together so when this happened, we spoke about it, I said perfect I know the guy. Now this is what we’ve done in Virgo. I work for my family, I do property management, I also will do more things on production more.

He adds “My family is my number one critic. My Mom or Dad, I show them things, ever since I was a kid. They push us so we’re good at what we do. There are a lot of challenging scenes here, the action ones are pretty much the hardest because we have around 2000 bullets to shoot, it was deafening. I also lost about 50 pounds so just imagine how much I had to lose from being obese. It takes a lot of discipline. Right now I may be alone but definitely not lonely, let’s leave it at that.

When I started this all I was doing it for Dad but now I am enjoying what I am doing now much like before. Either way I want to also work on the production side, so far this is the dream right now. Doing this now is truly an honor.

Here's part of the presscon on video:

Seeing Bryan excited about this and having seen the trailer, I could see how he’s hungry about acting, about being on screen again. It was honestly brusco, it was very masculine and I love how it didn’t look cheap, I guess it’s time to watch worthy action movies now, and this by most standards is good. It’ll be on theaters this coming October 3, and these guys look so good in person, very warm and friendly too.

Congratulations to IMUS Productions and Star Cinema who will be distributing this too.


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