Luigi Revilla for TRES

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

This is my first time to meet Luigi Revilla, the brother of Jolo and Bryan. He's the son of Senator Bong Revilla and Lovely Guzman. Albeit coming from different moms, he was never treated as such and so when TRES was pitched for production they knew it had to include this guy. According to him, if his Dad says he's got to do this film, he will do it. It was so nice to see him in good spirits. 

Luigi says "I am doing a part of the movie called "AMATS", thank you for being here. I was studying so I wasn't around that much in showbusiness so I concentrated in my studies. I finished entrepreneurship in Enderun College. Right now I am learning the ropes of a few businesses I do with my wife. In AMATS, it has double meaning. It either has to do with dru9s or women. He's an addict, Assunta's character got him into the circuit. She's like a cougar, and I also am battling it out with Ronwaldo Martin's character here. My love interest here is Myrtle Sarroza, he fell in love and tried to get back on track. We feel these stories are apt for the third installment of TRES, and our directors have different styles but we all get along especially while we were doing this episode. What I want to tell you is that we all have something to give, I wouldn't say being a blackbelter would be an advantage, it's more of a strength and I hope people would love it."

He adds "AMATS is different, 72 hours is Bing Revilla esque, my brother Bryan is dark and his acting comes out. AMATS is more millennial, not much explosions but fast paced moves utilizing my skills. I always go to him and talk about the scenes, I like his style because we get to be inspired by music we also use to motivate actors on the scenes. I had a scene here with Markki Stroem and he lost his tooth when I kicked him in the face, props to him he was so professional and it was accidental. It was one big fight scene and that happened, unfortunately."

On his brothers he says "We first saw each other during the wake of my grandma, I think it was God's plan that we meet in Boracay and every Sunday since we get together, I am so blessed that even Tita Lani accepted me from day 1. She never made me feel out of place, I love Tita Lani and I am blessed they accepted me in the family and now we are so close. My wife and Tita Lani are also very close, I am so happy that happened."

Luigi is a young Dad, he wanted to have a son early. He wanted to be a family oriented guy so he could spend time with family, he wanted to become like his Dad and the type of person he is. With this movie, he hopes to get that it opens up doors of opportunities for him and his brothers so they could make more films and help people behind the scenes too. He prays that his Dad continues to be strong, he doesn't want him to be free so he could be with all of them and make up for the years that he hasn't been able to be there because of circumstances. He's thankful for the opportunity to work with his brothers and until now he feels he is dreaming.

I hope the industry accepts them with open arms so they could enjoy something they love to do, acting. They would gladly do the legwork, his Dad is very hands on from the people who are doing this film and he wants to one day work with his Dad, hopefully soon. 

Good luck Luigi!

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