6 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Hopeful Romantic

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Had fun watching the movie The Hopeful Romantic by Regal Entertainment. It stars Ritz Azul and Pepe Herrera who did a really good job playing Jess and Veronica, it felt genuine, endearing. Love has definitely a lot to do with this story, when you give your all, when is it okay? When is it called love? 

Here’s some reasons why you should watch the movie:

1. It’s time to prove or unprove if the only virgins left in the world are the UGLY ones.

2. Pepe Herrera is such a great crooner. You’ll melt your knees listening to him sing.

3. The two leads have comedic timing. You’ll never see a use for whitening lotion the same way again.

4. See opulence, lifestyle of the rich and famous. Big things by Hashtag Niko.

5. Lies, deception, you’ll learn where it takes you. You’ll see why you should always be yourself and see why it shouldn’t be something to start a relationship:

6. The movie is fun, there are a ton of funny scenes which are not shown in the trailers.

7. As a bonus, you will learn a lot about how to love, how to face your fears and pray for the film. Hahaha. You’ll see why I said that when you watch this on theaters starting September 12 on theaters nationwide!

Good job on the film Topel Lee! 

Congratulations Pepe Herrera and Ritz Azul, you’ve done a good job on this one. It’s well made for a Filipino comedy film, I hope people get to see this because it’s really nice. Kudos also on Beverly Salviejo, get her a bonus!

Now go to theaters nationwide on the 12th and find your one and only true love!

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