Maricris Garcia for MAR1CR1S Concert On September 28

Thursday, September 13, 2018

How long is 11 years? If you think about it, that’s already a grown child. This time though it’s Maricris Garcia’s length of stay in the industry. The talented singer and actress isn’t holding back, she’s giving you one BIG concert at the Teatrino in Greenhills. She’s ready than ever and promises this time, she’ll be doing tons of music, entertaining numbers and a trip down memory lane with MAR1CR1S this 28th of September.

The show will be directed by Marc Lopez and will be more of a story telling format. She laments “I really want to share my journey, all from when I started my career, my life, my music influences. I really want to thank GMA Artist Center and a few other people who made this concert possible. I’ll also be releasing new music before Valentines day so stay tuned for that!

She adds "Since this is my journey it will start with how I got in the industry. This will include Regine Velasquez which is a no brainier, Nar Cabico, Mark Bautista whom all has been good to me. You will also see me as a solo artist, the LaDiva moments, but this will be very intimate and I will be talking to you because it is a small venue. My happiness is very shallow, being part of shows, iconic teleseryes, working with great singers, singing for Manny Pacquiao's fight, you will see them all. You will also see what I can do. I will be here with some important people and that's the surprise. I know I will be having this concert on the date of Ms.Sharon Cuneta but we have different things to offer as an artist. I picture this as a Barbra Streisand concert where it is intimate, it was also apt when we found the name of my concert, I figured this is why it was delayed a year, it was just perfect. Of course there will be a part where I will show LA Diva, that is 4 years of my life and I will include that in the show. Jona and I were not able to talk that much but we're good, Aicelle still keeps in touch and she always makes kamusta when she chats with me, I like that about them. I am ready, I hope this would further my career and hope things would materialize. We sat down and chose songs personally, I hope people would love this lineup. Hopefully I would be able to release songs before Valentine's day."

She mentions “I will be here, I am still here and I will still be singing.” She assures her fans of years worth of good music so get ready!

For ticket inquiries please call 09178508747 or Teatrino at 7412949 local 116. Tickets are priced Php 1,800 for VIP, Php 1,300 for orchestra and Php 800 for balcony. 

Congratulations MAR1CR1S! You deserve all the blessings you are getting now!

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