#YATO (You Are The One) by Lance Raymundo

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lance Raymundo releases new music video for YATO

Yesterday we had the privilege of getting to talk to the one and only Lance Raymundo. I was able to talk to him a couple months back about his passion projects but I was so giddy to hear that he’s singing again, though he never did stop. The cause for celebration yesterday was the release of his new music video for #YATO (You Are The One). Know that this single has been released years ago but it now had suddenly got a breath of fresh air with the help of a couple individuals and his management company Viva Artists Agency who gave him the nod of doing this in a different time.

Lance says "We hardly changed anything because it just was made with an acoustic vibe. It is always exciting to see your stats up in spotify. According to Viva they expect me to release a song, it's something to look forward to."

He adds “Perhaps soon, I want to do a collaboration with my brother because he's my idol. I hope that becomes a reality.

Sure enough, this single is now getting a lot of plays in digital music apps like Spotify, more so in this particular weather when you just would want to cuddle up, grab a cup of coffee and reminisce about life and love. When I saw the video yesterday, I was a little taken aback with the way they told the story. For those who do not know, Lance met an accident in a gym a few years ago. It immobilized him for a couple of months and had to undergo several operations to restore his face plus a few sessions for rehab. He’s completely okay now but that for any person would have been traumatic and he personally wanted to include that story in the video so it could reach more people and learn from it. Aside from that, he mentions this is slightly autobiographical. It made me a little sad remembering that incident, but I do get his point. The video also tackled things about love and how it could be in ways, very unconditional. If that happens to you, then that is when you can finally say that you have found “The One”, things that we have all wished for.

Here’s two videos from the talk we had inside Black Maria Theatre in San Juan City.

Lance talks about his past, his ex, and his music

I adore Lance as a person because he has been so nice to me. Every time we meet it’s like meeting an old friend and that is quite unusual for artists these days when they meet little ol bloggers like me. He’s very humble, down to earth and very approachable. Hope you get to see this music video very soon and listen to his music available for download on Spotify and other digital stores. It’s time to fall in love with who he really is, and his music!

Congratulations Lance! I am so happy for you!


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