Ria Atayde and Joseph Marco for LAB by the Eyebrowdery

Friday, September 28, 2018

This happened about a month ago but had to tell you about it. This launch is about LAB by the Eyebrowdery which is a business venture of super close friends Ria Atayde, Joseph Marco and their partners. The place looks like heaven, very clean as it is relatively new. Joseph told us how hands on he had to be when they were still putting up the shop and he had to instruct people to re-do some of the things during construction so it could pass his standards. 

I could imagine how busy they've been these past few months because of the shows they're in, that together with some minor construction issues must have put a lot of pressure on all of them, but I'm so glad they were able to finish this on time.

It is right now available by appointment, they encourage that at least if you want to have something done, cosmetic or not. Ria's Mom advised them not to do this at first because she was afraid business might affect their friendship, because it's a different world, but Ria assured her to let Joseph take lead if in case they get into that sort of trouble. They're pretty much are going to be the face of the shop and will make sure marketing and media mileage will be taken cared of. The operations side of things will be handled by their partners and since this is The Eyebrowdery franchise, they too will make sure everyone is going to be well trained before they work there. That's quite reassuring. 

Ria is part of The Hows of  Us which just got the highest  grossing movie record in the Philippines and Joseph on the other hand is doing a US tour with Maja Salvador. 

The LAB will be doing semi permanent cosmetic and eyebrow services so if you are from the East of Manila, visit them at the 3rd Floor of Ayala Malls Feliz (right side) or set an appointment via 09171221234 and start LABing your brows.

They too will be there every once in a while so who knows, you might meet them there too!


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