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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Do you care about mother nature? Like how much? Can’t measure it? Have you done something solid to support that claim? Don’t worry, I’m not here to point fingers. Actually, I’m here to tell you about how you can help be in that zero waste state you’ve always wanted. It starts with the small things.

The Status

The Philippines is one of the top countries named as a source of plastics dumped in the oceans. This body of water is a source for food, a tool for tourism, you’ll be amazed how much flora and fauna we have - and being an archipelago we are pretty much in the middle of everything (dubbed as the center for biodiversity). It’s pretty sad to see our country contributed to the 14 Billion pounds of plastic that are being dumped in the ocean each year and a lot of sea creatures die from it (recent studies show 40% of sea turtles die). Now let me ask you another question, are you doing enough to prevent that from happening?

The Zero Waste Movement

Today there are tons of organizations and individuals who are campaigning for zero waste and live to tell about it. It’s basically a philosophy of using a material again so it won’t end up in incinerators or landfills. I met a young woman a few days ago at the co-working space ROOTS in Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City.

She’s Julia Camille Chiong, founder of Mimi and Me, a green tools company. This is her passion, she wanted to make others aware that there are products out there which can be environmentally friendly, little to less carbon footprint to make and still have the same quality of lifestyle using it.

She showed us a couple of things which we can use instead of the usual plastic wastes (like the ones you order from fastfood places, fork, spoons, the packaging too). These are things that are reusable and safe.

This reusable SPORK is so good for those always dining out. Imagine the spoons and forks you use from fast food places, now you can use this instead. It's handy as it folds in half so you can store it away after washing.

Reusable wipe cloth for removing your makeup, comes in 12s and very cheap. Just clean with soap and water afterwards.

The bamboo toothbrush comes in regular bristles or the one with activated charcoal.

This is the Bamboo Straw, it comes with the cleaning tool so you can spruce it up after use. Don't let it get molds, carry it around dry and use it again on your next drink.

Mimi and Me means her monicker (Mimi) and Mother Earth. This thing is inspiring, I actually am now opting for reusable things when I dine out. I don't even ask for straws and plastic spoon and forks anymore when ordering fast food. Now imagine how much a difference that would make if ALL OF US started to do the same. Makes sense?

These green tools from Mimi and Me are made by communities from Palawan, Rizal and nearby cities in Metro Manila. Even the packaging is sourced and made by organizations that help small scale industries in the Philippines including women empowered to do these odd jobs without leaving the comforts of their own home. Right now Julia is opting to have these sold online through partner sellers and at ROOTS in Katipunan Avenue (Right in front of Ateneo and the same building with Yellow Cab). They also are selling this through BeautyMNL, so if you need more information about their products go to their Facebook page via 

You should make an effort, you should do the deed before it's too late. These green tools can make you start somewhere so check out their channels if you wish to have one. I'll tell you about her sister too who is equally passionate about their business soon.

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