Ken Chan Plays Father with Special Needs in “My Special Tatay”

Monday, September 03, 2018

Ken Chan has always been so nice to me, even his fans who always holds a special place in his heart. Today is the premiere of his new show “My Special Tatay” in GMA’s afternoon prime, and of course GMA Artist Center arranged an intimate viewing party for several of Ken Chan’s fan groups as they were eagerly waiting for this new soap.

Honestly I was expecting another installment of his previous successful project Destiny Rose but I guess he’s doing this to employ something different, to make himself challenged as he portrays different roles and probably make himself learn as a better actor.

Ken Chan says ”We had a shooting day today but had to cancel it so we can be with you guys. Our goal is to be able to send the message across, about this condition and how people with special needs need help and understanding. Thank you for helping us, I hope you get to watch this from start to finish.

Bruno says “When we accepted this project and saw the material, we were very excited to be in it. I play an anti hero, not much of a contra bida and he's a little on the soft side. I hope you all get to see us and how we tell this important story that has a lot of lessons.”

Arra San Agustin came in front and said “I am so happy to see you all eager to watch the first episode, I hope would like this show. We spent a lot of time making this.

Direk LA says “Thank you so much for your support, I hope you continue to watch the show and perhaps we’ll have a longer run if you show how much you love this. I hope I can take you all to the set, we have so many things in store for you guys so thank you for coming here today, enjoy the pilot! Thank you for supporting Ken and the whole show!

Here's the rest of our interview on video,we asked them about the show and how they feel about the acceptance of the audience during the pilot episode.

When we watched the episode earlier, it evidently showed they took time to actually anchor the life story of Ken Chan’s character and what happened with his parents. They told us these are all significant so you get to know why the circumstances happen, as it is not only on the pretense of having special needs, they too are people who get affected by life, they live day to day like you and me, and how they want you to know that despite his condition, he was able to accomplish being a good father.

This is a touching story, out of the box characters that Ken Chan enjoys and he attributes these interesting acting pieces to the management of GMA whom he trusts over the years to become who he is today. He said thanks to the people present there, Puradak Chicken (for our meals) and Bench who gave us goodies to take home too.

You should watch what happens tomorrow, I bet there would be more interesting people they need to tell you about so make it a habit to watch My Special Tatay on GMA Afternoon Prime!

Congratulations Ken! I am so proud of you! Keep that fire burning, that passion continues to grow in you. Cheers!


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