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Monday, September 24, 2018

Had so much fun listening to the answers of the cast of TRES, a trilogy movie with episodes 72 Hours, Virgo and AMATS. The film stars Jolo Revilla, Bryan Revilla and Luigi Revilla. This shows on October 3, so we're excited to see how they'll tell us about it. They want to actually see their Dad in the presscon just like before but with the ways things are, they are hopeful things will get better. Senator Bong gave them the opportunity to make this and the brothers felt it would have been better with him in it. They are proud to see him personally attending to the scripts, the scenes and even ask about it every time they visit him. They want you to watch it too, and here they share their thoughts about the movie.

Rhian says "It's not my first time working with the Revillas and we had TV shows together. Father and sons have similarities and they know to take charge in the set, everyone is comfortable and well fed in the set. We always meet in the set and he doesn't sleep. We come together as a family, we eat together and I usually just sleep on that. I learned a lot with guns because Jolo taught me, he was easy to talk to, I thought he was like a politician, and I was putting conclusions."

Jolo says "I don't sleep because I always make it a point to be there when they need me. We don't do that because that means money wasted. It was hard to do this because it is a trilogy, we couldn't believe it will happen. 72 hours, AMATS and Virgo are for different audiences, it's got something dark, something tough and something that talks about drugs, so in a way we are targeting everyone as an audience for this film. We will be visiting cinemas soon, so if you are watching our you will hopefully see us too. Rhian was so easy to work with and she's very professional. She is my first choice. There will be more of these films, you can expect that with IMUS productions."

Bryan says "We really have moments and hang out in his home and the energy is different in the set because of that. We deliver because we rehearse a lot, our director is an honest guy. Our Dad said it out of the blue, he looked for it and we were even out of shape at that time. This is going to be action packed."

Luigi says "We had to be leads in our own story, our Dad made it a point to do that so we could feel how it is to be in his shoes. It wasn't hard because they made us do the movie with our strengths. Yes unfortunately I kicked Markki Stroem in a scene and got his tooth off, it was very intense so we didn't knew until it happened. I watched my Dad do Panday, and saw it behind the scenes. I didn't know I would be in showbusiness, like my Dad and Lolo who are legends. We are here to help each other and we complement each other. Ms Assunta is also very professional and we had to do things for our characters."

Assunta says "I am the leader of a drug gang and I use people but Luigi's character made me fall in love. We both need each other and not in a good way. We both need to survive and this is a need for love, he has no choice and we fed off each other. We had so much fun and I think it's because it's like I'm one of the boys so it's impossible to link us in real life. It's important to ask help, we worked with real good directors if we very away from our characters and that is a good thing. Luigi did good for a first timer. I wanted to make him feel comfortable because it was his first time, I said sorry on his first torrid kissing scene because it was intense. We acted it out on the first day and I think it was Direk Dondon's way of making us comfortable with each other, to make the audience learn something from it. There is a story, it happens in real life and I hope they got that first, of what drugs do with people, not to take advantage. We do not have to be predators to the weak and vulnerable."

Myrtle says "It's an honor to work with with the new generation of Revillas. My character is a little too innocent, but falls in love with a drug addict, that's a different thing to attack."

Richard Sommes says "I had to look for their skillset as an actor, Bryan was tough, very bad @ss and a different kind of action hero. When we worked together we didn't have a script yet but it was made with him in mind, he's a rogue cop. I am a professional director, I deliver even with limitations, I work with deadlines and deliverables and it's all part of the plan. We dealt with guns and had to close donwn streets because we had a dragon dance scene we had to work with it."

So if you are still hungry for more of these good looking guys, take a moment, a few hours to watch the movie. Bryan Revilla is a revelation, I haven't seen him in years but the trailer alone is crazy intense.

I will watch this I promise. This is under IMUS Productions and released by ABSCBN CINESCREEN under Star Cinema.

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