Some New Movies on HOOQ

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Some really good new movies in HOOQ

If there are some things you probably should watch out for in HOOQ, it’s the new titles added so you won’t get bored. We know it probably is literally impossible to watch every single title in their data base but if you are picky, this would probably be good news. 

First off is blockbuster super hero film The Avengers : Infinity War which you can now stream on the Hooq app. Even better news is that they also have Puerto Ricans in Paris set to be out September 6, Ocean’s 8 and The Seagull on September 24, Solo: A Starwars Movie on September 25, plus The Antman and the Wasp on October 16. If you are already subscribed to HOOQ then you can get access with it via a bonus ticket. Otherwise, you can have other titles on the app for a measly Php 125 which is cheap and totally less than your usual movie ticket price. That and you can enjoy it anywhere or right in the comforts of your own home.

Not to be outdone they also have Pinoy titles including Sid & Aya Not A Love Story, Cry No Fear, Barcelona A Love Untold (for Kathniel Fans!), Can’t Help Falling In Love, Everything About Her, Beauty and the Bestie in the coming weeks/months (but this last quarter), so don’t be too eager to go out and spend tons of money in the movie house if you can do it on your phone, those parking tickets won’t be saying sorry. 

Now go download your HOOQ app and stay entertained with the latest movies, all you ever wanted on your tablets, gadgets and mobile.

Shouldn’t be that hard.


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