PSID Does JUXTAPOSE This October

Thursday, September 27, 2018

JUXTAPOSE at the Santolan Town Plaza

This isn't my first time going to a PSID event. Over the years, the Philippine School for Interior Design has improved a lot; and I'm not just saying that because I know how much they have worked on these exhibits, and I guess that stems from their efforts to work with world class companies (also their sponsors) who are responsible of also supplying them with the best that the Philippines has to offer and some of the things they get to import and use just for this show.

As the name suggests, it's all about putting contrasting things side by side and make design sense out of it. It's a little hard to interpret, but the way they did it was to mix the old and the new, like making old structures into a new hip place, but still respecting history, get in touch of the people and how they dream it would become. It felt like a good starting point, saw how they did it earlier during the press preview and I didn't hold back suggesting things so when they open their doors this October 1st, people would at least say WOW or maybe have their jaw drop. Some of them actually felt little uncomfortable when I was suggesting things, but I think it was okay.

They combined finished concrete, wood, pipes and it still did fit the detailed tile wall
Stairs went narrow, did a really good job shaping this
Secret door opens up for a mess room

They divided the place into three galleries namely Tahanan (Home), Pangkalakal (Trade) and Pang Industriya (Industry). This is where they'll turn forgotten historic structures into more functional and relevant places like bars, cafes, stores, wellness centers and the likes. Like for instance this first one which was initially a bomb shelter which they turned into a Speakeasy Bar called "The Bar Beneath... In San Juan".

This second one is a designer's atelier. It's feminine, muffled and warm. They also kept the intricate carvings on the top part of the walls which was used as ventilation in the olden times.
They kept the theme intact without damaging the structure so much so they put pipes for the fitting rooms and kept the door where it is.
Love the mirrors
They did the stencil work on the ceilings on the floor too, which made the design cohesive with less cost. They called it "The Vigan Atelier".

The third one is called "Small Space, Big Living". I guess they picked the place with the smallest square footage. It reminded me of my favorite show Tiny House on HGTV.
They used smart design choices to keep the room feel and look spacious. From the receding stair handle, to the folding table, small nook for cooking and prep work, they doubled it's purpose by using them for storage too.
The bed can also be a double, but you would have to extend the loft to do that. They have options and space for this couch.

Modern Filipino Haven

True to it's name, the extensive use of wood and capiz shells made this a modern Filipino room which would perfectly fit a massage room, a nook and a bath tub. It's like the ultimate masters bathroom, now only if you had a room adjacent to it.
They also have that mirror I love!

This is the "Bridal Boudoir" but I didn't really like it that much. Sorry but the choice of color and finishing felt like a late school project. Too warm, if they were gunning for feminine it doesn't always have to be pink. It could be other things aside from that, it also felt a little tired. I completely understand what they were trying to do but this just didn't make the cut.
They could have done better :(

This kinda creeped me out a little because I often fall off bunk beds, about 5 in my lifetime.
They did well thinking of the materials to use so it could last for years.
The double sink, bamboo ceiling treatments, plastic plants and vines so no moisture could seep in.
They have a balcony and a place for all their herbs which they plan to out all their tea ingredients. Clean and refreshing.
This would be a good business venture for a tourist area which they plan to put this in.
This is the "La Moneda Bookshop and Cafe" which had that nice piece. It's the Philippine map made of 10 and 5 centavo coins stuck on the wall. They used about 700+ just for that so imagine. This is now the start of the Pangkalakal gallery.
I hope they serve real coffee next time LOL
They also have that treated mirror and daybed for lounging

This is the CC Cafe + Creatives. They made this with the original PSID building in mind.
I like the real plants, the iron shelves and the high ceilings
I also like the bar and Alibata wall which is still at the original location of the building
The shape of their rug and bar is also in Alibata, the lady I was with in the tour read it. I was schooled.
This is the "Little Cafe Museum", which seating was absolutely adorable.
They looked like they were floating with the accent lights, and I dig what this could do in big groups on commercial spaces. Perfect for coffee shop squatters, I mean people who stay at coffee shops too long LOL

It'ss bright and follows a theme, that's good
This is the Cafe 308. It is colorful and pleasing to the eyes. The use of the inspiration from old structures worked well. You can see the columns and combination of wood and concrete.
They used details from the old Regina Building in Escolta hence the look
This is the "Kusina Aduana" which they hope would be used as a tourist activity at the Intramuros tours. This would be like a place where they would get to know how to cook Filipino food, wouldn't that be nice?
It is spaced well so people won't bump into each other while doing the cooking classes
They can cook on the induction stove, do prep on the cutting board and sweep off the garbage on the side. Neat setup.
To end the section they have the "Below Zero Gelateria". As the name suggests it is a gelato place, I was actually impressed with their finishing, but that mirror at the back annoyed me. It was just too busy for an elegant space which should have been their goal.
See what I mean?
They also kept the arches and made their upholstery purple so the UBE flavor ties up the place
This one is good, they call it "13 Fit Street" and it's the first gym design in the history of PSID. They thought of turning this old Paco Fire Station into a gym that could service the university belt area and nearby offices.
Spinning classes here
Pole Dancing Classes here
Weight training here. I love the lights too and the faux brick walls separated by color
This is the "Dorm-Moderno" which is more of like a modern dorm type room. They have three layered bunk beds which you need a ladder to climb up and take the pole going down.
Comfy entertainment area for shared space or playing computer games
This is "Station No.15" which is a long property and an old fire station. Their Steampunk design worked well especially with the pipes and industrial touches. I kinda like this design.
It actually works
You can read a book and write here if you feel inspired.
Imagine this engine, now it's a table and perfect for their theme

I love what they did with the copper pipes and followed the design of the entrance, it also defined the space and separated the Barbershop part of the floor.
I super love the glass adorned with the rock icons, it felt right at place.
I super love the glass adorned with the rock icons, it felt right at place.

If you ask me, this looks super good from their work in the past and it still is evolving. The instructors at PSID must have been doing a great job passing on lessons from their past students, I've seen remarkable improvement. I only see one of the displays which need help, the rest are good. If I were to choose the best designed one it would be the "Station No. 15" and "Polo Estacion". You can flip a coin later.

For those who would like to see the exhibit, please go to Santolan Town Plaza. Climb up to the 11th Floor and check out their work, their sponsors and partners too.

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